The words are gospel,
The eyes that sees the truth,
The act that lack pretence,
The smile without the sly intent.
Our true mirror is lost
And it is lost to the institution…

“Scars make the point??”

Your ignorance doesn’t lessen me,
But it is a question what it says about you;
There is no reason for you to be mean,
But you still continue with your hostility.
It doesn’t say anything about me,
But it says a lot about you.
It’s understandable to be self served first,
But it’s incomprehensible to be self focussed always.
The way you look at me may make me want to feel unworthy,
But it is not the definition that defines me.
I won’t say a word to ask what did I do wrong?
Because there is nothing I need to prove you;
Then what is it that you need to prove,
As you go and try to make a point by scarring Me the way you do…


Are you hiding something or are you fooling yourself,
what I am curious about is what is the adversity that makes you lie to yourself?
Is it the fear of being an outcast or the desire of being One?
All the films of different shades make you feel prettier and validated,
But does these shades make you loathe yourself lesser?
We see pictures of “people going places”, but we dont see their self harming tendencies behind the camera.
It seems better to be a pariah than being the one with an imaginary silver spoon…


A Disaster Is Coming Our Way,
I Don’t Know When, Where And Why ;
But I Can Feel It Approaching,
It’s Here Maybe Looking Over Us,
It’s Destruction Will Drive
Humanity To Extinction,
It Has Started Its Work,
Can’t You Feel It, Can’t You See It Around You??
Humanity Is Dying,
Emotions Are Said To Be Naive,
Sensitivity Couldn’t Breathe In This Harsh Time,
Every Purity And Softness In Us Is Getting Hardened.
Humanity Is Dying, It Is At Brink Of Extinction ;
Save It Too With The Tigers,
Save It, Please Save It…
I Want To Save It, I Want You To Help Me To Save It.
Does It Matter If A Disaster Come And
If There Are Only Shells Left
And Humanity Is Extinct By Us Humans ??
Would It Matter If The Shell Does not Survive Because
There Would Be No Substance In The Shell That Makes Us Human,
which Is Our Humanity…

Hours of darkness : Part 2

Night Speaks To Me,
The Words That Echoes In My Heart,
It Is Like A Scared Little Girl,
Who Is Afraid Of The Dark.
Night Opens Up The Door Of The Past,
It Is A Haunting Song
That Is Stuck In The Heart.
Night Talks To Me About
Our Fears And Secrets,
It Questions Me If
They Would Come True…
I Am Pretty Sure
It Is Not Intentional,
Night Is Just Like A Little Girl,
Afraid Of The Unknown.
I Comfort Myself And The Night
As We Both Are Anxious,
That I Am With You Forever
And You Won’t Leave My Side.
What Is The Fear And
Why To Be Afraid,
When We Always Find
A Way Back To Each Other
No Matter No One Stays,
We Come Back For This Time,
We Come Back To Despair,
We Come Back To Solitude,
We Come Back To Dark Thoughts
That No one Dares To Express…

“An Eternal love “

The Time I Was A Shy Girl,
People Were Shaken To See
My Eyes That Sparkled On ‘Stage’,
I Didn’t Have A Comforter
When I Was Preyed Upon
By A Soul Wrencher,
But ‘It’ Saved My Dying Soul,
It Still Does.
The Time I Found An Eternal First Love,
I Was New Again,
I Was Pure At Once.
I Didn’t Understand ‘It’s’ Significance
But I Could Definitely Feel ‘It’s’ Warmth.
Everyone Says I Am A Listener
But On Stage I Am Loud And Clear
Without A Single Spoken Word.
How ‘It’ Empowers Me Is Just A Magical State
But How I Completely Am ‘Me’ Is A Liberating Tale.
Dance Never Has And Never Will
Leave My Heart,
‘It’ Forever And Ever Has Been A Loyal Companion.
What Dance Is For Me??
It’s A Raw Expression Which Never Needs A Pointing Toe And A Somersault ;
But It Only Needs A Wild Heart…


You, Your Experiences, Your Emotions, Your Struggles
Make You As Unique As Your DNA ;
You Don’t See Moon And Feel
And Think Same As The Other Person Would,
Doesn’t That Make You feel Special,
Because It Should.
You Won’t See The Word Love
And Remember Same Person
And Same Memory As The Other Person Would.
Your Slideshow Of Thoughts Is
A Brand New Original Movie
Whose Story Changes Every Moment
And Can’t Be Copied.
You Are So Incredibly Different
That What You Are Perceiving While Reading This
Is A One And Only Viewpoint,
So Don’t Let Yourself Down
By Comparing Your Life Stages
To Other’s Because
They Would Not
And Should Not
Be Like Theirs .
Be Extremely Confident
That You Are Absolutely Irreplaceable.
I Request You
To Be Proud Of Your Wonderful Oneness.

Hours in Heaven…

This poem is inspired by few hours with a person who uplifted me and encouraged me to express myself. Those definitely were hours in heaven…

Bothered By Their Unnecessary Looks
You Conceal Yourself,
Anxious About What They Will Say
You Camouflage Yourself,
Bugged By Their Opinions
You Lead Your Life Through Sheep Tracks;
But Is This What You want?
Is This What Defines You?
You Are Dying Inside To Take
‘The Road Not Taken’,
You Are Filled With The Forte To Bring
Into This World That You Only Possess,
Then Go Ahead And Express
That Beautiful Soul Of Yours.
No one Is Like You And
No one Can Replace You,
You Are Uncommon,
Then Why Do You
Settle For The Conventional;
So Go Ahead And Express
That Beautiful Soul Of Yours…