A Disaster Is Coming Our Way,
I Don’t Know When, Where And Why ;
But I Can Feel It Approaching,
It’s Here Maybe Looking Over Us,
It’s Destruction Will Drive
Humanity To Extinction,
It Has Started Its Work,
Can’t You Feel It, Can’t You See It Around You??
Humanity Is Dying,
Emotions Are Said To Be Naive,
Sensitivity Couldn’t Breathe In This Harsh Time,
Every Purity And Softness In Us Is Getting Hardened.
Humanity Is Dying, It Is At Brink Of Extinction ;
Save It Too With The Tigers,
Save It, Please Save It…
I Want To Save It, I Want You To Help Me To Save It.
Does It Matter If A Disaster Come And
If There Are Only Shells Left
And Humanity Is Extinct By Us Humans ??
Would It Matter If The Shell Does not Survive Because
There Would Be No Substance In The Shell That Makes Us Human,
which Is Our Humanity…

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