“An Eternal love “

The Time I Was A Shy Girl,
People Were Shaken To See
My Eyes That Sparkled On ‘Stage’,
I Didn’t Have A Comforter
When I Was Preyed Upon
By A Soul Wrencher,
But ‘It’ Saved My Dying Soul,
It Still Does.
The Time I Found An Eternal First Love,
I Was New Again,
I Was Pure At Once.
I Didn’t Understand ‘It’s’ Significance
But I Could Definitely Feel ‘It’s’ Warmth.
Everyone Says I Am A Listener
But On Stage I Am Loud And Clear
Without A Single Spoken Word.
How ‘It’ Empowers Me Is Just A Magical State
But How I Completely Am ‘Me’ Is A Liberating Tale.
Dance Never Has And Never Will
Leave My Heart,
‘It’ Forever And Ever Has Been A Loyal Companion.
What Dance Is For Me??
It’s A Raw Expression Which Never Needs A Pointing Toe And A Somersault ;
But It Only Needs A Wild Heart…

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