“Be love struck of… “

Be the one who you want to love because you can’t love someone without being what you desire them to be;
Be the one who you want to love because you can live with someone for a significant amount of time,
But you are the one with whom you will spend each and every breath of your existence.
Be the one who you want to love, because you can change yourself to impress others,
But you won’t be liberated till you change your own ways.
Be the one who you want to love because you didn’t come to this world being aware of others,
Be the one who you want to love because no one is going to share your experience of the last moment in human form other than yourself.
Be the one who you want to love because Darling…
You won’t be able to accept the love you deserve unless and until you love yourself unconditionally first…

“Clouds Below “

I saw you in the clouds, it was your bigger version,
And I realized how grand you are for me in real life.
I saw a ‘moon man’ playing with a baby,
He was more motherly than any women but more fun than any father can be.
I saw the ‘teddy pho’ on the clouds below, waving at me as I went by,
Maybe that’s some other life I have never explored before.
The ‘fairy mother’ was wearing black cloud but she looked more kind than any white,
I couldn’t stop seeing the different world on the clouds below;
Honestly I didn’t want to stop , ‎I think,
I can go on forever like this,
as everything starting from you can’t ever be malicious for me…

“Oceans Apart “

I leave places so soon,
I miss all my homes all the time.
I wish I didn’t need to run so fast,
I have forgotten the feeling of stability.
I miss all my people all the time,
I crave for them all the time.
I wish it was different than this,
I wish they were with me most of the times.
I am tired of the loneliness,
I am tired to be by myself all the time.
I don’t want anyone to feel this way,
I don’t ever want anyone to be this way.
I still have some voice in my heart,
It’s my soul saying, this is meant for something greater ,
It says this is meant to make you somewhere better .
Don’t be disheartened by the goodbye hands,
Don’t be discouraged by the going apart.
What is meant ,will be for sure even if you are world’s apart,
What is not will be in vain even if you are an inch far;
Just think if distance determined bonds, then your people would not be oceans apart…