3 am

In the universe, on the planet,
on the continent,in the
most isolated city,
in the apartment,
on the bed.
Wide awake near 3am.
What do you imagine I feel,
Sad? Scared? Lonely?
I think it’s the singularity ,
The individuality,
The chaos of being
In this vast,
Not even try to define – ness
That’s what I feel.
Cure for being alone ?
I think alone is the antidote.
So no,
I am not longing
to reach anyone,
Coz I know no-one
That can be reached.

“Toxic “

They come like a cool breeze out of nowhere,
They feel like you have been waiting for them.
They make you forget even yourself,
That’s how their magic actually works.
Just when you get little too comfortable,
They will show you what they are really made of.
When you can’t stop worshipping the trickster,
They leave you with nothing but plain dejection.
They are playing and playing till they get bored,
They are taking and taking till you have no more.
They will hurt you and ask you that why you cry,
They will ignore even if you are dying.
They are nothing but something just like spirit,
They will only mess you up because they are toxic…

“Weary gut “

You won’t know the dark sadness of my lonely heart,
I would say, you won’t want to know how it feels to have such dreadful thoughts.
Searching for the rush people dive from the mountain cliff,
I get rush from the stress of my burning heart.
The loneliness of my gut is something I can never explain,
I miss you more because you make me more sane.
I have you in my heart and it smiles like the morning sky,
But my heart is afraid because it has never been this joyful before;
It always wait in terror to be all taken away…

“Oceans Apart “

I leave places so soon,
I miss all my homes all the time.
I wish I didn’t need to run so fast,
I have forgotten the feeling of stability.
I miss all my people all the time,
I crave for them all the time.
I wish it was different than this,
I wish they were with me most of the times.
I am tired of the loneliness,
I am tired to be by myself all the time.
I don’t want anyone to feel this way,
I don’t ever want anyone to be this way.
I still have some voice in my heart,
It’s my soul saying, this is meant for something greater ,
It says this is meant to make you somewhere better .
Don’t be disheartened by the goodbye hands,
Don’t be discouraged by the going apart.
What is meant ,will be for sure even if you are world’s apart,
What is not will be in vain even if you are an inch far;
Just think if distance determined bonds, then your people would not be oceans apart…