“The Mesmerizing Hell”

Keep going on,
Keep feeling it,
It will continue till you can’t take it anymore,
Because you are going through hell.
What you can do best is to keep going on,
Because staying at one point of it will increase your end time,
So keep going on through hell,
Feel the heartbreak,
Feel the unseen bruises,
Feel the loneliness,
Feel the helplessness;
You should keep going on through hell,
Not because you will cease in the end of it,
But because you will begin at the end of the hell…
Your struggles will Break you but they are the ones that will make you braver,
You will fall down but as you persevere you will reach unthinkable heights,
You will be lonely but it will make you self reliant ;
Before you know you will reach your content state;
So go on through the hell,
Because you will begin at the end of hell…

“Dream Sequence “

My love is your dream sequence and you keep on dreaming,
My love is your dream sequence, you said you wanted it bad,
You craved for it
And you said you would do anything for it.
It takes you places you have never even wondered of ,
And you keep on dreaming.
You fly with the wings,you never knew you had,
You feel the things that you have never ever felt;
You forget that it’s the dream that you are dreaming of.
You don’t realize that what you are,
What you feel,
What you gain is by the dream.
You feel powerful but you don’t get it that it’s due to the dream you feel mighty;
You never felt this special and you never felt the bliss;
Yet you forget that it’s the dream that gave you all that you desired;
Yet you wander around,
Yet you go apart,
But you can’t do anything now as the dream can end,
You thought it will go on,
You miss it anyways,
You want to remember it all,
You tried hard to feel that way again,
But now it’s over and it’s never coming back,
My Once beloved, I can just say that
My love was a dream sequence for you
And it can’t be dreamt again…

“Weary gut “

You won’t know the dark sadness of my lonely heart,
I would say, you won’t want to know how it feels to have such dreadful thoughts.
Searching for the rush people dive from the mountain cliff,
I get rush from the stress of my burning heart.
The loneliness of my gut is something I can never explain,
I miss you more because you make me more sane.
I have you in my heart and it smiles like the morning sky,
But my heart is afraid because it has never been this joyful before;
It always wait in terror to be all taken away…


A Disaster Is Coming Our Way,
I Don’t Know When, Where And Why ;
But I Can Feel It Approaching,
It’s Here Maybe Looking Over Us,
It’s Destruction Will Drive
Humanity To Extinction,
It Has Started Its Work,
Can’t You Feel It, Can’t You See It Around You??
Humanity Is Dying,
Emotions Are Said To Be Naive,
Sensitivity Couldn’t Breathe In This Harsh Time,
Every Purity And Softness In Us Is Getting Hardened.
Humanity Is Dying, It Is At Brink Of Extinction ;
Save It Too With The Tigers,
Save It, Please Save It…
I Want To Save It, I Want You To Help Me To Save It.
Does It Matter If A Disaster Come And
If There Are Only Shells Left
And Humanity Is Extinct By Us Humans ??
Would It Matter If The Shell Does not Survive Because
There Would Be No Substance In The Shell That Makes Us Human,
which Is Our Humanity…

Hours of darkness : Part 2

Night Speaks To Me,
The Words That Echoes In My Heart,
It Is Like A Scared Little Girl,
Who Is Afraid Of The Dark.
Night Opens Up The Door Of The Past,
It Is A Haunting Song
That Is Stuck In The Heart.
Night Talks To Me About
Our Fears And Secrets,
It Questions Me If
They Would Come True…
I Am Pretty Sure
It Is Not Intentional,
Night Is Just Like A Little Girl,
Afraid Of The Unknown.
I Comfort Myself And The Night
As We Both Are Anxious,
That I Am With You Forever
And You Won’t Leave My Side.
What Is The Fear And
Why To Be Afraid,
When We Always Find
A Way Back To Each Other
No Matter No One Stays,
We Come Back For This Time,
We Come Back To Despair,
We Come Back To Solitude,
We Come Back To Dark Thoughts
That No one Dares To Express…

Hours of darkness :Part 1

Is It My Fault That I Can’t Give Words To What I Feel?
Is It A Lie If I Struggle
To Give Those Memories Words?
Am I Invalid Just Because
It Is A New Thing For You?
Or Am I Crazy Just Because
You Haven’t Been This Way?
To Tell You The Truth
I Am Not Crazy Just Because
You Do Not Understand That
Night Speaks To Me,
I Am Not Invalid Just Because
You Are Busy And Occupied With Mundaneness.
I Am Not A Lie If Night cries With Me
By Remembering The Struggles Of The Past And This Very Moment.